Friday, February 2, 2018

Newest Addition to AWI Stuff

I recently finished building, painting and basing the Charlie Foxtrot New World Kitchen.  I am pleased with how it turned out and want to give a shout out to Charlie Foxtrot models.  They are easy to build and perfect for the AWI period.  One addition I'm trying is adding furniture and some other bits to the interior.  The photo below shows a table (4 Ground) and a small stack of wood for the fireplace.  I also want to add a pot for the fireplace and I'm going to add some food bits too.

Kitchen from the front

Chimney side of Kitchen

Interior of Kitchen
I decided to base my buildings that don't come with a built-in base.  I think this adds some atmosphere to the model and hopefully will make for a better looking table.  The buildings are not attached to the base, so they lift off and can be protected during transport.

The kitchen will make its debut at the upcoming HMGS Cold Wars convention (Lancaster, PA) this March in a Sharp Practice mini-campaign entitled 'Race Across Carolina'.

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