Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Finishing Up Odds and Ends for 2017

The year 2017 was the my first full year enjoying retirement after 36 years working for the Department of the Army at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.  Even though I am a very slow painter, I am pleased with what I accomplished over the course of the year (including starting this blog).  Posted below are photos of some of the miniatures and terrain items I completed this year.

Partial 3rd Continental Light Dragoons (flag by Flag Dude)
Shock Counters for Sharp Practice - AWI Americans
More Shock Counters - Americans & British
Even more Shock Counters - British + a generic dead horse
23rd Regt of Foot - Royal Welch Fusiliers (one group for SP; flags by Flag Dude)
Ammunition Cart
Supply Wagon
British Deployment Point
All of the above were completed for use with Sharp Practice, the TFL skirmish game.  I think these are excellent rules for use with AWI and I'm enjoying creating scenarios that take advantage of these great rules.  I am currently working on a mini-campaign, entitled Race Across Carolina that I hope to run at HMGS Cold Wars in March 2018 as part of the 2nd Lard Days event a group of us are hosting.

Finally, here is another deployment point (this one for the Americans).  In my rush to complete this for Fall-In, I sprayed it with matte sealer on a humid day - very bad move!  The miniatures came out looking like they were covered in a thick fog or haze.  Fortunately, thanks to a tip from Patrick B., I was able to salvage the miniatures.  I brushed on some gloss clear polyurethane, and the next day resprayed the matte sealer.  While not perfect, they are definitely useable.  Below is the final result.

American Deployment Point
Well, that's my wrap-up for 2017.  Next on the painting schedule is the 3rd Regt of Foot (the Buffs) for the British and the 3rd Virginia Continental Line for the Americans, along with a Charlie Foxtrot AWI kitchen building.


  1. Very nice job, beautiful minis and the tree stump on the last vignette is a great touch!

    1. Thank you very much for looking and commenting.

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