Saturday, February 24, 2018

Getting Ready for Cold Wars

My son and I are running an American War of Independence mini-campaign at Cold Wars this year (15-18 March at the Lancaster Host).  It's titled Race Across Carolina and is a fictional campaign set in 1781 as the British and American forces fight across the colonies of North and South Carolina.  As usual I'll be painting up to the last minute, but I think everything will get done.

Here's a look at the table sign for the game:

The first day's game will be a meeting engagement between advance elements of Cornwallis' army and Greene's Southern Continental Army.  Depending on how things go, the second part of the campaign, fought in and around the fictional town of Freemantle, North Carolina, will include dragoons, a graveyard, Continental supply point (including a beer wagon) and other surprises.

This will be a Sharp Practice game and will be part of the Lard Days at Cold Wars.  As at Fall-In, fans of TFL games will have a lot to choose from with our gamesters running games covering a wide variety of periods.

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