Monday, November 20, 2017

Additional Information on AWI Game at Fall-In

I wanted to post some additional information on the AWI game my son and I ran at Fall-In.  The information below focuses on table signage and handouts provided to the players.  One of the things I particularly like about Sharp Practice is the opportunity to tell a story within the game.  I tried to do that with this game.

Scenario Description placed on game table

I also provided a map showing the location of this fictional battle.  I thought this added some flavor to the scenario.

Map showing location of Freemantle Farm

The use of 'objective cards' is an idea I read about either on the TFL Yahoo Group, or TMP and I thought it would fit well in this game.  The 4 cards were created for this scenario and do not impact the SP rules.  The cards are pictured below with a brief description of how they are used in the game.

Each player was provided a General Order, which, when taken together with the game description provided the players with the information necessary to play the game.  (Players were also furnished with force rosters and officer rosters.)

General Order for American Player

General Order for British Player

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