Wednesday, November 8, 2017

AWI Action at Fall-In

This is the first post for my new blog documenting my favorite hobby - Historical Miniature Wargaming.  We're starting out with a look at the recent HMGS Convention, Fall-In, held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The first Lard Days at Fall-In was held this past 3-5 November with 15 TooFATLardies games scheduled over Friday and Saturday.

Here are some photos from the AWI Sharp Practice game my son and I ran, "We Fight, Get Beat, Rise and Fight Again".  This was a fictional encounter set in the southern theater of the AWI.

Table sign for game

SP Deployment Point for American forces

Maryland Continental Line fires

The bucolic Freemantle Farm - target of British Forces

Mrs. Freemantle at the farm house

Here come the British!  Led by the 33rd Foot and the Queen's Rangers

Maryland State Line prepares to fire

33rd Foot and Queen's Rangers advance

42nd Regiment of Foot fires on the Continental Line

I want to thank for some of the photos posted above.


  1. Great opening salvo, 95th Div. best of luck with the blog :-)

  2. Great looking game and welcome to Blogland!

  3. Beautiful pictures, love the "bucolic Freemantle Farm"...and your new blog!


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