Friday, March 22, 2019

Lard America Gaming Club at Cold Wars 2019

The Lard America Banner stands proudly at Cold Wars

The Historical Miniature Gaming Society's (HMGS), "Cold Wars" gaming convention was held March 15-17 at the Wyndham Lancaster Resort (nee Lancaster Host), in Lancaster Pennsylvania.  While many structural changes and renovations made the facility a much nicer destination, one constant was a great selection of games sponsored by the Lard America Gaming Club.  Lard America is a loose confederation of historical gamers with a fondness for miniatures games by TooFatLardies (TFL).  The group came together starting in 2017 to bring the goodness of Lard to HMGS conventions and beyond.

After a detour for Fall In that put us in Windows Vistas (or whatever the old restaurant area was called), we returned to the main gaming area in a refurbished Distlefink Ballroom for Cold Wars.  Under much better lighting, Lard America put on 12 games over two days covering a wide range of historical periods utilizing several different TFL rule sets including, What A Tanker!, Sharp Practice, Chain of Command, I Ain't Been Shot Mum and Dux Britanniarum.  Judging from advance registration and attendance at the games themselves, these proved to be very popular events.  And, for the 3rd straight convention a Lard America game master received a PELA (Pour Encourager Les Autres) Award - congratulations to Ed L.

Just to give a taste of what was available at Cold Wars, below are photos from the convention highlighting some of the games the club sponsored:

Game:  Heart of Stonne
Period:  World War II
Rules:  Chain of Command
GM:  John Emmett

Game:  Mourir Pour Cao Bang
Period:  Modern French Indochina
Rules:  Chain of Command
GM:  Patrick Berkebile

Game:  Clodwig Wodenborn Finds God
Period:  Dark Ages
Rules:  Dux Britanniarum
GM:  Gunnar Lopez

Game:  A Cow! A Cow! My Kingdom for a Cow!
Period:  AWI
Rules:  Sharp Practice
GM:  Ed Bowen

Game:  Hauts-Vents
Period:  WW II
Rules:  I Ain't Been Shot Mum!
GM:  Thomas Ballou

Game:  Dust up in the Desert
Period:  WW II
Rules:  Chain of Command
GM:  Eric Boyle

Game:  Rats vs Rams
Period:  WW II
Rules:  What A Tanker!
GM:  Chris Thomas

Game:  The Defense of Khatisino
Period:  WW II
Rules:  Big Chain of Command
GM:  Ed Leland

Game:  Probe at Bas Mouen
Period:  WW II
Rules:  Chain of Command
GM:  Andrew Frantz

These photos are just a sample of the Lard America games at Cold Wars.  Lard America will be at Historicon this July with a great slate of TFL games across multiple historical periods.  Hope to see you there!


  1. Nicely done! Lots of great games featured. 😀

  2. Wow. Some great looking games.

  3. Thanks for sharing, trying to get something similar going in southern Ontario where we don't have the huge cons, but lots of Lardies (or LardEhs).


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